Expertise and Experience

Years of application experience of DRYTEC specialists in line engineering, process technology and thermodynamics forms a broad basement for the development of pioneering technologies and innovations.

This is supported by the largest production scale test line in the world at KROENERT’s Technology Center. It also serves as a development platform for DRYTEC and makes possible, at production speeds of 3 - 1610 m/min, trials and tests under realistic conditions.

Efficiency and Commercial Viability
Drying plays a significant role in the efficiency and viability of a complete line. Topics such as air-handling, air-tightness, thermal insulation and nozzle technology enjoy special attention in the development and manufacturing processes of compact dryers.

This is complemented by a high degree of individuality and flexibility in system controls. Every individual segment of the dryer is controllable separately. The advantage for the user: optimum alignment to the manufacturing process. The result: minimized costs.

Another guarantee for an economical operation with a high degree of efficiency is the wide range of drying systems, ensuring customized configuration.

DRYTEC lines are designed for the best efficiencies combined with long-term, low-maintenance, reliable and resource-friendly completion of their tasks.

Furthermore flexibility is a key criterion: it is possible with one and the same line to process materials with thicknesses ranging from 3 µm up to 1000 µm. This gives rise to a clear performance advantage for the customer, ensuring continuous production and making the system sustainably competitive, even with changing requirements.

DRYTEC offers a comprehensive range of dryers and humidifiers, such as the FLOATEC air floatation dryer, the ROLLTEC roller supported dryer and the STEAMTEC steam humidifier.