General Features of DRYTEC Dryers

The dryer is an important and performance-defining component in a coating line. Water- and solvent-based materials as well as pre-polymer systems (100% compound) can be dried or cured with DRYTEC dryers.

DRYTEC dryers are characterized by their high drying capacity, good accessibility and ease of maintenance. They also offer the following advantages, some as options:

  • Compact dryer, i.e. heating coil, circulation blowers and motor in dryer housing
  • Parallel lifting of dryer top parts (450 or 600 mm)
  • Combined lifting of multiple dryer sections
  • Individually controllable air speed per section, of up to a maximum of 50 m/s, with frequency-controlled motor
  • Homogenous air distribution
  • Individually adjustable temperature per section
  • Homogenous temperature profile in transverse and longitudinal direction
  • Circulating air and web temperature measurement
  • Gas, thermal oil, steam or electrical heating of  drying air/gas
  • Side extraction of circulating air
  • Individually adjustable fresh and circulating air volumes
  • Side glass windows for observation of web when dryer is closed
  • Inlet and outlet sluices to prevent loss of pressure
  • All nozzles with quick release, can be removed and installed without tools
  • Different and interchangeable nozzle profiles and shapes
  • Substrate transport with low or high web tensions
  • Precise controls and insulation for energy saving

DRYTEC customers also benefit from proven security components, such as:

  • Active security, e.g. through all-round contact bars, safeguards against lowering and redundant solvent monitoring
  • Passive security by the use of explosion relief panels
  • Constant monitoring of all operating parameters using the visualization and plc system
  • Definition of interfaces with solvent incinerators or recovery devices