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ROLLTEC / CONTEC - Roller dryer

  • Driven or non-driven guide rollers to transport web through dryer
  • All rollers supplied with low friction bearings
  • Drying technology for thick coatings and for coatings with tendency of skinning
  • For water and solvent-based materials
  • Special bottom nozzles (CONTEC) allow higher air flow rates from the bottom without lifting the web
  • Laminar air flow by the use of changeover nozzle (change from impingement to lateral jet)  on upper side for blister-free drying
  • Suitable for all water- or solvent-based coatings / materials
  • Best used for tension sensitive materials
  • Stepless adjustment of air flow rates in aspect to the required drying process
  • Filtering of the circulating air in regard to product requirements
  • Web speed up to 1000 m/min
  • Horizontal, vertical or polygon shaped installation, as required
  • DUOTEC configuration allows separate air flow and temperature settings for top and bottom side of the substrate
  • Blister free drying due to adapted nozzle technology
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