Steam Humidification

The STEAMTEC humidifier is used for the rehumidifying and flatness control of paper-like web. Contact-free humidification of the web with steam, on one side (STEAMTEC 0.5) or on both sides (STEAMTEC 1.0), is possible. STEAMTEC makes it possible to achieve defined, adjustable and repeatable humidification of paper webs in both longitudinal and transverse direction.

The STEAMTEC is divided, depending on working width, into multiple segments. The steam quantity is regulated by motorized GS valves with approximate linear characteristics. Extraction at the entrance and exit of the steam unit can be adjusted separately by manually operated valves.

The STEAMTEC is further characterized by:

  • Uniform steam distribution in longitudinal and transverse direction
  • Simple, user-friendly adjustment of humidification parameters
  • Flexible applications for different substrates
  • For high speed applications
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance