The DRYTEC RAYTEC IR dryer systems present an excellent supplement for the convective DRYTEC dryer devices.

  • A modular design allows an integration in front or afterwards of DRYTEC dryers
  • Single modules are also possible for use as the main drying system
  • Flexible integration between the nozzles in all DRYTEC dryers is applicable too.

UV Dryer

DRYTEC UV systems are used if ultra violet radiation is needed to cure or harden lacquers and adhesives. Due to its modular design, DRYTEC RAYTEC UV dryers can be integrated very flexibly into complete coating lines.

  • Optimised access to UV radiation source
  • Atmospheric or inert gas atmosphere
  • Several UV spectrums available (Hg, FE, Ga,..)
  • Stepless adjustment of the UV dosage
  • Optimized UV yield
  • No overheating of the web due to efficient intercooling
  • Prevention and shielding of the UV lamps against polution / dirt etc. by the use of highly transparent quartz glas sheets
  • Different energy supply of the UV radiation units
  • Mechanical guards protect operator / staff against UV radiation
  • Recent semiconductor ballasts or conventional stray field transformers guarantee a highly efficient energy supply