Dryers and humidifiers for every application

DRYTEC is a specialist for dryers and humidifiers for the paper, film and foil processing industry. We know all about the application-related challenges of the industry and offer a modular system of proven systems and technologies.

Reliable, efficient and economical thanks to our great wealth of experience.

The essential basis for developing groundbreaking innovations for DRYTEC dryers and humidifiers is the extensive application experience that DRYTEC specialists possess in the fields of system engineering, process engineering, especially calculation, as well as thermodynamics.

DRYTEC systems are designed to fulfil their tasks with the best long-term efficiency, with low maintenance, reliably and in a resource-saving manner.

The modular system range, which ensures precisely customised configurations also guarantees economical operation with high efficiency.

Above-average know-how, innovative technology and high-level processing quality as well being highly flexible at implementing customised solutions are the factors that have convinced customers from many industries worldwide.

Compelling advantages

  • Compact dryers, i.e. heating coils, circulating air fan and motor in dryer housing
  • Dryer tops can be lifted in parallel (between 450 to 600 mm)
  • Several dryer sections can be lifted together
  • Individually controllable air speed per section with frequency-controlled motor up to max. 50 m/sec
  • Homogeneous air distribution
  • Individually controllable temperature per section
  • Homogeneous temperature profile in transverse and longitudinal direction
  • Circulating air and web temperature measurement
  • Gas, thermal oil, steam or electric heating of the dryers
  • Individually adjustable fresh or recirculated air volumes
  • Side glass windows for observing the web when the dryer is closed
  • Optimised inlet and outlet areas to reduce pressure losses
  • All nozzles feature quick-release fastener and can be removed and installed without tools
  • All nozzle profiles and shapes, interchangeable
  • Substrate transport possible with low as well as high web trains
  • Energy-saving thanks to optimised air flows and optional heat recovery systems


DRYTEC's range offers a variety of system solutions for every requirement. First-class drying performance, high efficiency, ease of maintenance and optimum accessibility are guaranteed. A wealth of optional components rounds off the range.

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IR/UV dryers

The DRYTEC RAYTEC IR/UV dryers are suitable for hardening and drying/curing coatings using radiation technology. They are used alone or in combination with convection dryers and can be flexibly integrated into any system.

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When it comes to efficiently rehumidifying web-shaped papers, DRYTEC humidifiers master every challenge. Their technology enables contact-free humidification of the material web with steam from one or both sides.

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Your sector


Self-adhesive materials such as labels, graphic products, adhesive tapes and protective film with matching release products such as silicone papers and films, also embossing films and holograms

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This includes photographic and photo printing papers, as well as papers for transfer coating, graphic papers and the wide range of decor papers

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These are the PVdC-coated materials including the products for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as laminations, coatings and lacquers (also aluminium), in addition to the whole area of wax and hot melt coating and lamination

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Processing roll material into materials for filtration and osmosis as well as materials for the production of catalyst and separator films

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Coating/printing organic semiconductor electronics on flexible roll material

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Coating roll material for the production of fuel cells, batteries, solar panels

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Coating active ingredient patches, wound dressings and medical test strips

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