Special coating and laminating techniques are used to produce transdermal active ingredient patches, wound dressings and many other medical and pharmaceutical products. DRYTEC possesses far-reaching experience in the field of drying resulting from expertise gained in numerous projects.

Examples for products

Active ingredient patches/TDS

Coating of various carriers with pharmaceutically prepared compositions/preparations incl. active ingredients. In some cases with self-adhesive components. Examples: Nicotine, heat or hormone patches

Diagnostic test strips

Coating or impregnation of foils, papers or non-woven fabrics with water-based or solvent-based fluids, e.g. as diabetes test strips for determining blood sugar levels.

Wound dressings

Coating of silicone gel and also adhesives on e.g. films, nonwovens or fabrics or also PU foam. Applications are medical dressing material and active substances that promote wound healing


Coating of e.g. a gel-like soluble mass onto a silicone carrier

Special applications

Modern medicine generates a wide range of different products. For example, to make diagnoses, markers are produced by coating to show pathogens or other indications of disease in the blood or urine.