Technical products

Technical products

At DRYTEC, the area of technical products comprises numerous materials, which are distinguished from the area of packaging materials in particular. Products that are manufactured on a large scale from reel to reel, and in which DRYTEC dryers are successfully used, are for example:

Examples for end products

Silicone paper/foil

Coating for separation layer papers and foils as backing material for labels, adhesive tapes or for use as baking paper

Clear-on-clear Labels

Adhesive coatings for highly transparent labels and protective films

Technical adhesive coatings

Adhesive coatings for special adhesive tapes for different applications


Pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on liner and subsequent lamination with label material

Graphic adhesive foils

Foil coating for graphic and printing industry

Surface protection films

are the films coated with pressure sensitive adhesive to protect metal and glass products from slight damage during transportation.

Window films

Coating for protective films as light, UV and heat protection for many window surfaces

Embossing foils

Creation of high-gloss metallic effects and glittering colour effects as well as release properties for embossing foils, holography and security applications

Reflective foils

Embossing and laminating for reflective foils