Service you can rely on

As a globally active company, excellent service is a must for delivering maximum customer satisfaction. We support our customers with skilled experts from the fields of process engineering and software and with proven service solutions. If there is a problem with your system, you can reach us at +49 40 85 393 380.



Benefit from original DRYTEC components and high-quality spare parts from our supply partners. We ensure high component availability directly from stock, fast delivery and spare parts service for selected parts within a maximum of 3 days worldwide.

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Your dryer or humidifier is getting on in years or no longer runs as you would like it to?

By modernising your system you increase the efficiency, performance and service life of your DRYTEC system without having to invest in a new one. Take advantage of our extensive experience in updating our machine components ("retrofit").

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Service Assignments

Take advantage of DRYTEC's customer service and benefit from the experience our experts and specialists possess. To save you time and money. With our service your dryer or humidifier always operates in the ideal cost-benefit range, as we always keep your system up to date.

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Maintenance & inspection

Experience has shown that our dryers are extremely reliable. However, carrying out a preventive inspection is always worthwhile, as it can increase productivity and system availability. Regular maintenance is also essential for the trouble-free operation of your DRYTEC components.

Benefit from the professional maintenance and inspection provided by our electrical and mechanical service technicians, who carry out all service work strictly in accordance with DRYTEC regulations. Trained specialists and special test equipment for manual and digital measurements provide outstanding service. This serves as a precaution for the trouble-free operation of your dryer or humidifier.


The productivity of your DRYTEC dryer or humidifier depends on many factors - the qualification of your machine operators also plays an important role. Well-trained staff can exploit the full potential of the dryer or humidifier.

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Process optimisation

It is often small changes that can make a big difference. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to regularly review production processes and exploit optimisation potential.

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Service contracts

Dryers and humidifiers from DRYTEC are reliable and require little maintenance. As operational safety must nevertheless be safeguarded permanently, inspections are required and maintenance and wear parts must be replaced. This can be ensured by experienced service personnel whom you can reach any time - for example through our remote service.

Benefit from professional maintenance, inspection and repair by our service technicians for electrical and mechanical systems. And be sure to make use of the advantages offered by our attractive service contracts which ensure full-scale satisfaction for you.

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Our DRYTEC customer service will provide quick support if your drying or humidification system should ever fail. Benefit from our experts’ and specialists’ experience and have the damage taken care of quickly.


During the life cycle of a custom-built system, adaptations and changes are often made - either by the machine operator or by third parties.

In these cases, the documentation of the machine must be adapted and changed accordingly to ensure completeness and up-to-dateness. This can concern drawings, circuit diagrams or schematics. Some of the changes may also entail adapting operating or maintenance instructions. This is sometimes accompanied by a new risk assessment.

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