Paper finishing

Paper finishing

Paper finishing involves coating the open-pored structure of the paper. This gives the paper a specific gloss, texture or pre-defined effect. This also includes transfer coating and lamination. In many cases, however, the aim of the coating is not only to change the appearance, but also to supplement or enhance the functional properties of the papers.

DRYTEC dryers and humidifiers play an important role in the quality of the product and are used successfully by numerous companies worldwide.

Examples for end products

Thermal papers

Thermosensitive coating mainly for receipt printing but also for baggage tags

Printing papers

Functional layers for special paper for inkjet and laser printing or for conventional photographic exposure

Transfer papers

Coating of paper for transfer printing applications

Graphic papers

Functional layers for high-quality papers for printing, writing and copying

Decor papers

Application of radiation-curing lacquers for special papers (-foils) for surface finishing, e.g. in the furniture and flooring industry