Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics

The aim of applications in organic and printed electronics is to achieve specific attributes with functional coating media such as:

  • Electroluminesc
  • Electrochromic layers
  • Organic as well as chemically reactive layers

A prerequisite in the application of functional layers is high precision, as all printed structures must be completely closed to guarantee electrical conductivity. This distinguishes printed electronics from simple graphic print media.

DRYTEC has many years of experience in the drying process that follows the coating steps.

Examples for products


Label for contactless transmission of data by means of near-field communication for e.g. packaging

Circuit boards 

Printing of conductive media for flexible printed circuits or circuits


Printing of conductive media or application of structures for selective metallisation for RFID antennas

Smart systems

Coating of electroluminescent, electrochromic and reactive layers (e.g. PDLC) for smart applications such as switchable films between glass panes (transparent/opacque) and luminescent wallpapers

Intelligent textiles

Applications in the field of smart textiles can be found for intelligent clothing with sensor technology for sports and medicine as well as in the field of safety lighting