Packaging materials

Packaging materials

The field of packaging material production is very complex and correctly drying and humidifying materials plays a major role in the quality of the result. DRYTEC can look back on a great deal of experience in this field.

Examples for end products

Barrier for food

Coating for barrier and sealing function for various aluminium, plastic or paper packages

Barrier for pharmacy

Coating for high barrier and sealing function for blister packs for pharmaceutical products

Barrier recyclable

Barrier coatings for sustainable, recyclable food and beverage packaging made of paper and cardboard

Composite packaging

Wet and dry lamination for composite packaging with barrier function

AlOx Barrier

Primer and top coatings on substrates coated with ceramic oxide (AlOx, SiOx)

Aluminium finish

Single and double-sided coating of aluminium foils with hot and cold sealing lacquers and/or primer application for subsequent printing as well as lamination with plastic films

Wax/paraffin coating/lamination 

Coating and lamination for classic candy papers and wrapping papers also for meat or fat-containing food