The DRYTEC RAYTEC IR/UV dryers are suitable for hardening and drying/curing coatings using radiation technology.

Special nozzle technology for special requirements.

DRYTEC RAYTEC IR dryers are an ideal complement to the convective DRYTEC dryers.

  • The modular design allows them to be integrated in front of or behind the conventional DRYTEC dryers
  • They are also available as individual modules
  • Flexible integration between nozzles is possible in all DRYTEC drying systems

DRYTEC UV systems are used for coating compounds curing under UV radiation. The DRYTEC RAYTEC UV dryer is modularly designed and can therefore be integrated very flexibly into any coating machine.

  • The UV lamps are easy to access
  • It can be operated under atmospheric and inert (nitrogen) atmosphere
  • Different radiation spectra (Fe, Ga, Hg,..) are available
  • The irradiation intensity can be adjusted steplessly
  • Optimum UV radiation yield
  • No overheating of the coating or substrate web due to effective intermediate cooling
  • Protection and shielding of the UV lamps against contamination etc. by highly transparent quartz glass panels
  • Power supply of the UV lamps via modern ballast units and also via conventional stray field transformers possible
  • Very good shielding against escaping UV scattered radiation