Our range of systems stands out thanks to the variety of solutions for every need as well as first-class drying performance, high efficiency, optimum accessibility and ease of maintenance. A wealth of optional components rounds off the range.

Drying – that’s what we do

We’d even dry Martinis if we had to

No matter what type of drying you need for your application - at DRYTEC you will find the perfect, efficient system solution for your specific needs and requirements.

  • Floatation dryers
  • Roller dryers
  • Belt dryers
  • Laboratory dryers
  • Special dryers
  • IR/UV dryers

Drying – that’s what we do

Floating dryers

DRYTEC floatation dryers are the ideal solution when it is not possible to guide the material using rollers or belt systems when two-sided coatings of web-shaped materials are involved.

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Roller dryers

DRYTEC roller dryers are equipped with sophisticated drying technology for thick coatings. This is also optimal for coatings that tend to form skin.

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Belt dryers

DRYTEC belt dryers stand out, among other things, thanks to the fact that air is supplied from above and belt types are adapted to the product.

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Laboratory dryers

  • Dryers for development, small production and pilot facilities
  • All DRYTEC nozzle systems can be used
  • Can be up-scaled to large systems easily
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Special dryers

  • Suitable for high temperature applications up to 375°C
  • Drying under inert gas atmosphere
  • Dryer complies with FDA and GMP guidelines
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Nozzle designs

  • High heat transfer
  • Substrate is transported through the dryer with high stability
  • Manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles for unsurpassed nozzle accuracy and performance
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